About Us


RODE Residues Removal Company was founded in March 18th, 1991 having as its main objective to supply cheaper alternatives for the consumption of fuels directly derived from petroleum, specifically for the market of thermal energy generation. Its work was initially concentrated on the cleaning and removal of oily residues from ships in seaport areas, and also its management and final destination.


With more than 20 years of experience, RODE has worked in several seaports in the South and Southeast Brasil regions. Several reputable private companies became customers, from several markets and industry fields. This happened specially due to the combination of technology with a rapid and efficient operation providing complete solutions in reversal logistics.


RODE offers service coverage to all the South and Southeast Brazil regions through a modern tank trucks fleet totally prepared and licensed for the transportation of dangerous products and residues. Having immediate response time and fast service completion, RODE has become a reference in its field.













RODE Residue Removal Company is installed in a 20.000 m² area, with 5.000 m² of built-up area. Including a 3 story administration office building, heliport, 3 warehouses for production lines, beside a mechanical workshop, cafeteria and its own Analysis Laboratory.


It also has a 80 meter long berthing quay (with 6 meter depth on zero tide), a water treatment station and a tank farm with 6 million liter capacity. RODE has a modern fleet, with tanker trucks and tanker semi-trucks, the capacity varying from 5 to 50 m³. It also has a self propelled tank ship with 500,000 liters, able for operating in high seas.

















In its daily operations a great importance is given to the Health, Safety, Security and Environment issues. Our Quality Management System is a tool designed to provide quality to our product and services, environmental integrity and safety to the employees. The system enables us on a consistent manner to commercialize products and render qualified services that can meet the customers requirements completely, also complying with all applicable legal regulations and the good practices of environment and social responsibility.